2013-02-14 02:58:33 by PatBest22

...to my profile page. Enjoy the stay, we have cookies. They're all for me though.


2012-08-09 00:26:40 by PatBest22

I had a dream where I stood up onto my cintiq and smashed the screen with my feet because "it would make it more artistic", then my brain kicked in and I had time to realize what a retarded idea that was before I woke up.


2012-08-03 22:38:40 by PatBest22

I feel like drawing scenes from the movie Pandorum. That movie was so well thought out, you could pause it at pretty much any moment and 99% of the time you would get an incredible picture. I love the work with the lighting and colors and the fully constructed sets really set the mood like no other.

Feedback and support.

2012-06-12 19:07:54 by PatBest22

Thanks to the help I've gotten from the artists here on newgrounds in the form of feedback and support, I've progressed a great deal since I started posting my work here. I would like to thank the Newgrounds community for the help, I would could not have done it by myself ( ...or nowhere near as fast, anyways ).

Problem solved.

2012-04-28 12:29:53 by PatBest22

Quick tour of the forums and I found the solution to the thumbnailer not working. All is good now.

New account time

2012-04-28 12:06:51 by PatBest22

Forgot the password for my last account, Pat22, and I also forgot the e-mail address I had it linked to, and now the Newgrounds thumbnailer doesn't seem to want to work with my drawings so I can't upload anything.

Possibly my files are too large.